This is the first of my artist spotlight features, where I spotlight different artists I’m working with as far as design artwork. The first artist on the spotlight is Rapper Wel out of the Houston Texas underground circuit who recently released the critically acclaimed mixtape Death of the Ringtone Rapper. I recently got a chance get in  a Q and A with Wel. We touched on a lot of interesting topics from the state of hip hop to signing with the majors.  So check out the interview and check out his work, dude is the truth.

PERFECT MAN:  Tell me about the H-Town underground scene?
WEL: The Underground scene here is full of politics and untrustworthy “so-called” businessmen. Honestly it’s every man for himself, so one must make his own lane and hope it crosses the path of someone “High up” on the totem pole…

PM: With the release of your mixtape Death of the Ringtone Rapper, what is your stance on the current state of hip hop?
W: Jay said it on D.O.A., “This is Death to the Ringtone”. When I heard that line months after I released my own tape I was awwed at the fact someone like Jay had to make that apparent. At the end of the day it’s like whatever because I feel it’s all GIMMICKS and BUSINESS PLANS, the Artist that truly rep the craft are locked down to Satelite radio awaiting their chance to make a difference. HipHop has always been a culture to me, so it isn’t Dying per se, but “MCing” is hard to find. These niggas we hearing now a days on radio one are just “Rappers” in my opinion, and there is difference to me.

PM: What or who inspired you to rap?
W: Eminem Got my attention, 50 Cent made me believe, Artist like Bump J, Joe Budden&Lupe showed me it isn’t too hard, and Andre 3000, Common, Kanye made me want to push the Envelope.

PM:  Would you ever consider signing to a major label?
W: I’d only sign to a Major indie, like Koch or E-1 I think it is now. I’m not the spotlight type, I’d rather do my thing in a region or two and ghostwrite for the one’s that think I have the skill.

PM:  Who would you most like to work with in the future?
W: At the moment maybe Devin the Dude, and DJ Toomp…I think Toomp is a Legend definitely.

PM:  Are you currently working on any projects?
W: “Don’t try This at Home” is my next tape, I’m taking my time because as an underground artist I don’t have a deadline. I do what I want when I want. Ha!

PM: How can people contact you and listen your work?
and you can even peep my thoughts at…somtimes…


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