Film Review: Universal Soldier Regeneration 8/10

The Universal Soldier franchise has always been Van Damme’s bread and butter (the only one he really stuck with). It basically takes place after the first one (Minus Michael Jai White the return sucked) and has a grittier feel to it then the first two. The plot is pretty simple In a nutshell, the story involves a group of terrorists taking over a power plant, and the military’s attempts to take them down. The catch is a rogue scientist is working for them and has his own two unisol soldiers, Dolph Lundren AKA Drago who is his insurance policy in case the terrorists betray him. So When The soldiers they send in to save the day are slaughtered like ants with a full can of raid the last hope is to send in…….The great Van Dame, who has only aged in terms of looks. In this movie he proves he hasn’t really lost a step, the action is stellar and very realistic, especially the knive fights. This movie recieved 4 points just for bringing back Van Damme and Lundgren for a final showdown.
This Movie also has commentary of the lengths the military will go and the lines they will cross, forcing people against their will for scientific experiments, messing with peoples minds is straight out of the bourne identity. A solid movie.


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