Little Brother to Release Final Album on 4/20

On April 20th, they’ll be releasing a new LP entitled, LeftBack, the fourth and final album from Little Brother. The name LeftBack has floated around in the past as the name of a future EP from LB, but this will be a full length LP. “I didn’t want our last record to be a bunch of second-rate material,” says Phonte. “I wanted to walk away from Little Brother knowing that I gave our fans all that I had to give, and said everything I wanted to say. With LeftBack, I’ve done that.” As far as producers go, look for appearances from Khrysis, Denaun Porter, Zo!, Symbolic One, J. Bizness, and King Karnov. Before you ask, no, 9th Wonder will not be on the album. Emcees on the album will include Torae, Truck North, Jozeemo, Chaundon, Median, with Darien Brockington and Yahzarah assisting on vocals. The album will come with four official music videos (all shot and directed by Matt Koza). Says Big Pooh, “Three albums, three mixtapes, one video. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in this day and age. We have always lacked in the visual department, and I think it will be refreshing to finally offer the people those visuals.” To top it off, LeftBack will also come with a limited edition DVD full of exclusive bonus material. As the release date approaches expect more details, including tour info. This will be the official ending of Little Brother I personally can’t see it end without 9th wonder being involved. It just doesn’t seem right, that’s like putting out a final Wu album with no RZA. It should be a great album but I just hope 9th does a track or two for the last hurrah.


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