Artist Spotlight – Big Shaady

This is where I spotlight different artists who I’ve done design work for or am currently doing design work for.

Perfect Man: As a producer how would you describe your sound.

Big Shaady: To me my sound is like soul food. It’s from the heart, it’s the emotions that i go through and it has soul. It’s a type of sound that pulls you in and you can create any masterpiece to it…

PM: Who are the top 3 artists you would want to do production for.

BS: I really like working w/ local or up and coming artist but if i had to say the top 3, it would be eminem, outkast, and joel ortiz(sorry if i spelled his name wrong..)

PM: What is in your arsenal for producing beats?

BS: My arsenal for making beats…right now it’s been fruity loops. I’ve been working w/ that program for the longest. It use to be reason but i got tired of working w/ the demo. Know that I finally got my mpc 2000xl, i’m starting to use that more than fl studio…but when i’m gonna give an artist that quick fix, that’s when i’ll go back into fl studio.

PM: You’re living out in Arizona now how is it different from Grand Rapids?

BS: Well, for sure the heat is a big difference…lol, but the difference between my hometown and my new residence is opportunity and exposure. See in Grand Rapids, or how we say it Gun Ru, you gotta leave the city to get lots of exposure where as out here in Phoenix, you got radio stations that support local artist, lot’s of concert events, even closer access to major record labels if you are willing to travel from phoenix to L.A.

PM: What are the new projects we can expect from you?

BS: Well currently i did some extra credit projects for a couple of artist such as Michunterd f/ fonta called “gotchu liquord up” CLR, who to me is phenomenal on the mic coming out of Gr, but he got a song that’s gonna be smashin airwaves called “So High” you can even check the video out on youtube…Also those 2 artist along with 1-20,seldom seen, and te’cas make up the fist coalition, i did a couple of tracks w/the group. Also my home Talisman, I did a couple of tracks w/ him but the one that’s a smash is called “pray for em” that’s a track that to me is crazy. Currently i’ve been making tracks in hopes that i get picked for the Red Bull auto tune battle contest has been my recent projects along side getting my mixtape finished, which is called “too fat for tv” check that out coming to you soon.

PM: Who are your top 5 producers?

BS: My top five producers are Timberland, JDila, Rza, dr.dre, The neptunes,

PM: What does your daughter think about your music?

BS: My daughter loves my music, I got a picture of her when she was little rocking my big head phones tapping on my laptop. Because everyday i would make beats and she would come and sit on my lap and would want to listen to all the songs i did so…she’s my no# 1 fan…


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