Film Review: Night Catches Us 9/10

Night Catches Us recalls the racially angry atmosphere of mid-’70 Philadelphia, following the ascension and downfall of the black panther panthers. The movie follows the lead character Marcus an ex-black panther played by Anthony Mackie and his return home to Philadelphia (he left for reasons unexplained until later in the movie). Marcus has the feel of a soldier who has came home from a war, which to me makes sense if you know the forces that were against the black panthers in their prime (CIA, COINTELPRO, Police,), Marcus and other characters in the neighborhood have elements of post-trumatic distress, which again I think the director wanted to get across showing how everything the panthers had to go against taking it’s toll. Marcus deals with tensions in the neighborhood, from a religious brother, former friends one of which is played by Jamie Hector known as Marlow from the Wire who gives a solid performance who thinks Marcus is a snitch. He reconnects with former panther Patricia played by Kerry Washington who is going through her own issues of being a single mom, and dealing with issues of her past. Without giving too much the movie unfolds slow building up the characters and letting the audience feel very connected. This movie is probably the best at actually humanizing the black panthers as how movies in the past make them more of symbols or even caricatures. Without giving too much away I just leave it at this……….GO SEE IT!!!! IT’S REALLY THAT GOOD!!!


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