Film Review: IP Man 9.5/10

IP Man ( Donnie Yen) is the story of the Chinese martial arts teacher of the Wing Chun style who is perhaps best known for his most famous student, Bruce Lee. The Movie starts off in 1935 in the town of Foshan, in a city with a several martial arts masters and schools. With IP Man being the best but taking no students, making everyone want to challenge him. The movie takes a darker turn when the Japanese occupy Foshan in 1937 and IP Man loses everything and is forced to work in coal mines with most of Foshan under the Japanese occupation. The Japanese held tournaments for extra bags of rice that the people of Foshan could compete in, but when IP Man hears of one of his friends getting a bullet to the back of the head he enters the tournament. Without giving too much away, I’ll say that the choreography is top notch and has a lot of realistic connection, a 10 vs. 1 man fight scene, and a epic final battle with IP Man and the Japanese General.
Aside from the action this Movie is classic because of the philosophical jewels it drops, themes like just because you’re poor and hungry doesn’t mean rob your brothers who are in the same boat and standing up against your oppressors no matter how hard it may seem ( Some pretty Revolutionary stuff ). All and all this is a martial arts classic arguably Donnie Yen’s best work.

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