Film Review: Game of Death (2010) 7.5/10

CIA agent Marcus Jones (Wesley Snipes)is given the assignment of infiltrating the organization of arms dealer, Frank Smith, and through him get to the president or head of a hedge fund operation based in Detroit; man named Redvale, who smith is working with. The CIA wants them both dead. It seems that Redvale Corp. has oil interests some place in Africa but the policies of the local government there is somehow cramping their style or interfering with the conduct of their business. This is where Frank Smith comes in: Revdale is financing Smith to arm rebels opposed to the government.

Wesley Snipes former CIA friends turn on him when instead of completing the mission they kill snipe’s CIA mentor and take the money that is supposed to move between Redvale and Smith. This Movie has a pretty good story touching on today’s topics like banks being rewarded for causing a financial meltdown and how wallstreet money finances wars. With that said the reason the score is kinda low was because the final fight wasn’t executed very good by the fight choreographer which is sad because the showdown involves martial arts experts Wesley Snipes and Gary Daniels. Zoe Bell stunt woman in Deathproof wasn’t really utilized either and top it off with a pretty bad ending:p.
All in all this movie is worth checking out, Wesley Snipes has good fight scenes ( – minus the last one) and the story line is very good, a lot more than people would expect for a flick with this much action.


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