In Memory of Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie passed late last month, He is known for founding Milestone Media with Derek T. Dingle, Michael Davis, Denys Cowan, and Christopher Priest, he intended to create a company that was inclusive, rather than exclusive. Milestone was never simply a “black” comics company. Milestone employed people of various ethnicities, and published stories that reflected reality. upper, middle, and lower class black families, two types of Latinos starring in Blood Syndicate, a variety of sexual orientations, and more were represented in Milestone’s comics.The importance of representation in comics was clearly close to McDuffie’s heart. He wasn’t afraid to take superhero comics, which are traditionally very ill-suited to nuance, and push them to be something greater. He used quotes from intelligent writers, hard science, and metaphors to make his stories stand for something more than simple punching and moralizing. He is also noted for the award-winning, critically-acclaimed JLA Unlimited cartoon series.

“Milestone was the shared vision that we would provide the world with images that had been excluded from the mainstream for decades. Dwayne was the key to making that dream a reality to our company and comic book fans, as well as those who sought tales of adventure. Dwayne realized the importance of creating such images because they represented heroes and opportunities. He also saw comic books and animation as a way of dealing with such issues as racism, sexism, gang violence, gun control and conflict resolution without sacrificing entertainment value.”

– Milestone Media co-founder Derek T. Dingle

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