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Graphic Designer/illustrator, Philosopher, and on a quest to defeat the enemy/The Ego/ (the inner-me).
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6 Responses to A TALE OF 3 QUOTAS

  1. katherinejlegry says:

    Well it’s great to finally discover your work. I’ve been navigating your various images and political art and I love it. As well as I think humor can be difficult to pull off, but you never failed to make me laugh. Thanks!

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      Awwww man thanks, glad you discovered me:) and The humor is hard but I’m learning to find humor in everything these days…life’s too crazy/strange to be 100% serious all the time anyway.

      • katherinejlegry says:

        Yes… so there’s this quote by Frederick S. Perls (who was Jewish but who divorced himself from the tradition, ultimately and was kinda a therapist for people suffering from boxed in mindsets… and hippies probably liked him the most…this is a wretched bio I’m writing so I’ll stop…) but so he said, “I believe we are living in an insane society and that you only have the choice either to participate in this collective psychosis or take risks and become healthy and perhaps also crucified.”
        So I like the risks your art work takes… and your humor as a vehicle brings joy to critical communication… I think that there’s a way to uplift people in their despair like the blues or reggae are meant to do while still addressing the hard realities.

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        We’re on the same page!!! I’ve learned that people are programmed and it starts at a very young age….but if you notice….you won’t find a three year old that is racist, sexist, and materialistic…they are programmed to be that way….black kids are programmed to feel inferior, white kids are programmed to feel superior, and men are programmed to be sexist….most of it comes through religion, public education, and entertainment…via the most powerful drug known to man the TV. So I’m like if I can drop knowledge through entertainment why not…and they say a picture is a thousand words…so it’s time for me to draw lol.
        I like what you said about reggae and blues too…all the great artists of our time knew this and used their art to challenge the status quo but at the same time made sure to entertain.
        2pac, Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Public Enemy, NWA, Nina Simone, John Lennon etc.

      • katherinejlegry says:

        Gee… for now all I can say is I whole heartedly agree and I would choose to read your graphic novel and view your art work over television any day… please go DRAW!!! (sound of hands clapping)

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        lol, i’ll let you know when it’s out, hopefully the top of next month….I got another volume I’m trying to get out before christmas too.

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