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  1. katherinejlegry says:

    How about an ice bucket drop for ebola? Or a maybe Taylor Swift could do a fund raiser concert for the ebola… 🙂

  2. katherinejlegry says:

    I feel the need to express that I take the ebola situation seriously and have wondered why it is getting less attention when it’s dire right now to stop the spread. And the ice bucket charity drop was lame and I’m not saying not to help sick people, but if we had decent health care that was not based on a profit-business model we wouldn’t require charities. We’d do what’s right. And there’d be money for it and it would create jobs and all the pharmaceutical companies that do make legal addictive and destructive expensive drugs that cause more side effects than the problems they cure would be largely banned. Hope I’m not crapping up your space with this stuff… I’m into the picture worth a 1000 words and don’t need to impose anything on your work. Peace. 🙂

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      I think they should’ve done a breakfast program challenge for kids or a don’t shop at major corporation challenge….now the ebola challenge…IDK…I think it’s a conspiracy myself….all these people suddenly got sick in Africa and they flew two people to ATL and magically cured them with this wonder drug that they suddenly don’t have anymore of….I feel like the same pharmaceutical company that came up with the drug was probably the same one that got all those Africans sick, probably with some vaccines they told them they needed. (rant alert)

      • katherinejlegry says:

        Well, on one side I’ve heard reports where there is an actual problem with food (and habitat) as the people have been eating bushmeat and getting sick but then when that was banned, the people faced starvation. They’ve known about the need to get the ebola under control for a long time and were ignored… the vaccine hasn’t actually been approved yet and the first batch that cured the two missionaries was allowed pre-approval… so yes the company is trying a new vaccine without knowing the long term effects and that has produced a strange industry and test subject effect. I thought the news of the ebola and the sudden isis capture of the U.S. black man who’d joined up and then bad football domestic violence reports all happened as an onslaught during Michael Brown’s funeral service week… in order to dwarf him and or defame him and that the uptick seemed to be a media push for justifying all sorts of profiling and fear of black men. So even if the particular situations are real and need to be dealt with, it does all seem to target and pool a certain “black man as violent aggressor” image right now… All I know about the ebola crisis currently is, it’s not being handled well and it needs to be.
        With the Honduras women and children who are being shipped home, from our borders the first reports had healthcare workers on the t.v. complaining about getting sick. To add the “sickness” untouchable element to the black and brown people seems a regular tool.
        A breakfast challenge program sounds good… and how about a water conservation project instead of let’s dump it on all on our dumb heads?
        I’m sorry… I’m still ranting. Thanks for creating the space. 🙂

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        Don’t let me get started on ISIS….I have it hard to believe that any journalist would sit with a no fear straight face before their head is chopped off….then the background looks like a green screen…..And why is this reporter prompting the parents (who seem more like B movie actors) on questions and their “son”? It’s feels like I’m livin in a sci-fi movie these days lol.

      • katherinejlegry says:

        Faked huh? Yikes… I dunno… either way it’s all sick. Talking heads on the news have been/are debating if the threat of ISIS has been exaggerated as some don’t think we should involve ourselves in Iraq (again or further)… but I guess none of the talk matters. Reality says we are already at war as daily announcements of which ISIS cell leaders we have managed to kill take place. Looks like Nato allies and the U.K. are on board at least at face value… That scrappy kid Joe Biden said we were going to take ’em to hell.
        So you’ve heard that expression, life is stranger than fiction, right? And now that everything is tracked and or on some kind of camera, you can say you are living in a movie… uh oh! 🙂
        Aw… I gotta go put a Hallmark movie in where everything turns out right in the end.

  3. Mr. Perfect says:

    oops!! forgot to post the link (she’s probably like what reporter is this guy talking about?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z2-osCDZlE

    I think the true goal of all this is this though –
    2013 Obama: “We must airstrike Syria to help ISIS defeat Assad.”
    2014 Obama: “We must airstrike Syria to help Assad defeat ISIS.”

    We give’em guns and hope that they can get it done, if they can’t we turn on’em and bombs on everybody. It’s funny that they’re called ISIS (Egyptian Goddess) – She was revered by the Egyptian people as the great mother-goddess and represents the maternal spirit in its most intimate form. Naming them ISIS to me was just another was to demonize Egypt, They were Al Qada just a week ago….And Biden, haven’t seen that guy since the election…now he’s back to sell us on some Syrian airstrikes….since it didn’t work too well the first time. If this is a movie…I’m gonna need some of this ish to be a dream sequence.

    • katherinejlegry says:

      Hey… just wanted to FYI that ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant. Levant is the eastern mediterranean (or geographical/cultural region). Obama and those who call it ISIL are avoiding linking Syria to Al Qada. Anyhow, a lot of people are associating ISIS with the Egyptian goddess Isis, but I think it’s not as intentional as people are projecting.
      I just saw you posted this you tube link… and I’ll be looking at it soon.

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