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Graphic Designer/illustrator, Philosopher, and on a quest to defeat the enemy/The Ego/ (the inner-me).
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  1. katherinejlegry says:

    Or you end up an idiot white woman who sells hundreds of dollars worth of comics for the black guy that writes this particular comic. 🙂 AWESOMENESS to be a do nothing white woman!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray slavery for the lucky bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      LOL, that dude on the left is my cousin…he told me this when I was in vacation in MI…I looked at him like huhhhhh, then I couldn’t stop laughing.

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      LOL, @ Hooray slavery comment. I really just wanted to make working at Wal-Mart look like the worst thing possible in life….this ain’t too offensive is it? you think?:/

      • katherinejlegry says:

        dunno… it’s wisest never to get offended. I’m no good at that of course… any more, if I ever was…

        I’m hearing: I don’t do the work. And I am whore. And I am a tool.

        And in reality…White men gonna rape me. Black girls gonna say I’m luckier. Black men gonna say I don’t work. Gonna say I’m luckier.

        I’m gonna keep writing and making art and working and be told I am a do nothing whore by everyone, I guess.

        It’s amazing this modern day…

        Walmart sucks. Your cousin is sexist.

        Sorry Mykel… feel free to delete this whole thing… I obviously let it get too personal. Life isn’t easier for any white women I know… they work twice as hard at least to even prove they exist…

        But forget about it. I was just finally around to see what was going on in workforce and it’s just my luck.

        Nobody likes anybody. Men can’t be friends with women and race relations are getting more polarized.

        Naturally, I am sad. 😦

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        😦 I’ll remix this one. There was one I did about a strip club too in Vol 1…that after going back I cut out completely (The lost WorkForce Strips lol)

      • katherinejlegry says:

        Men would want your lost workforce strips…probably. You might keep your subversive stuff for a extraordinary edition.

        You shouldn’t have to cut out stuff that’s real for or of your experience(s). Not on my account, certainly… as I don’t believe in censorship, ever ever ever… and truth surfaces in many forms.

        The thing about humor and satire is it can bite. It can hurt. And that’s just where I am at.

        Don’t allow me to control your free flow, Mykel. I don’t have to like everything, to believe in your art.

        But thanks for checking back with me. Sorry to interrupt the process.


      • Mr. Perfect says:

        I appreciate you input and honesty

  2. Mr. Perfect says:

    Naw, it’s good….I like criticism…most of the time I don’t change anything but sometimes it helps…I see it from another person’s eyes. Like in Vol 1 I did one about the airport smoke rooms, they said why not make them weed rooms….at first I had them say crack rooms…I thought it was funny but my friend was like maaaan crack ain’t nothin to play with….I’m like yeah, ehhhhh why not say weed rooms, still the same effect. So with this one I’ll keep everything but I’ll change the last two lines up a little….but the lost strips ain’t really that good (just like deleted movie scenes). I’ll be subversive if I do a Fight Power comic (maybe).

    And I feel you on the poloarization, it sucks man. The rich are getting richer and the media has people fighting over Flags and Twitter comments. The face of evil is Paula Deen, Bill Cosby, and Hulk Hogan…..I predict the next villain for America will be Jackie Chan.

    • katherinejlegry says:

      Your good with your crystal ball. I did hear Jackie Chan’s anti-american comments around the time that goofball who did “Gungnam Style” was getting everyone to do the butt with him and then they found out he was anti-american too… LOL. The face of evil versus the butt of evil… I guess there’s no such thing as bad P.R. between “free” trade partners. Now that’s entertainment.

      Thanks for taking time to do some critical thinking with me and helping me to also lighten up.

      Peace and love.


  3. Mr. Perfect says:


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