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Graphic Designer/illustrator, Philosopher, and on a quest to defeat the enemy/The Ego/ (the inner-me).
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  1. tabbyrenelle says:

    hi mr. perfect. kate told me about you a while back and i bought some comics off her and i’m a fan and i s’pose i’m a devotee “underground” reader of workforce ‘cuz I’m waiting for vol 3!!!!!!!! and it’s an impatience thing.

    but so, hulk hogan as a delivery guy totally cracked me up. the way you can capture his look so immediately is amazing. i love artists but i totally suck at drawing and envy you your talent. maybe i got some rockin’ stick figure pics tho…

    i’ve been intimidated to actually say hi… to you… ‘cuz kate raves about you and i’m a dork. but hi. 🙂

  2. Mr. Perfect says:

    Maaaan I appreciate the love!!!! I’m always in shock when people say they’re diggin it…I guess because I deal with a lot of conservative folks who get turned off by the language and the smoking (They’re the reason I introduced the Jesus character). But sorry for the wait, I’m only like 1 page and 1 cover away so it’ll be ready sometime next month for sure.

    I had to a Hogan strip. I’m a wrestling fanatic (well used to be, it’s kind of weak now). But I couldn’t believe how many people went at Hogan like that. If it’s the norm to lose everything for saying the wrong words….how long before it becomes the norm to lose everything for thinking the wrong thoughts? They have databases on how people think already (Social Media, Text messages, Phone Calls, Emails, Purchases). I wish instead of apologizing Hogan just talked sh** to a reporter like in his NWO days.

    But intimidated. Nah man, I’m such a low key regular dude. I’m just like Malik in WorkForce actually. Tell Kate I said hey too!

  3. tabbyrenelle says:


    if you’re turning conservative folks off then you’re doing something good and right, in my book! 🙂

    word police and thought police suck. i prefer the risk of being a ‘ruined’ woman ‘cuz it sure nuff beats being the sheeple.

    my garage band played as luchadores (mexican wrestlers) for halloween! got us into some situations. i’m glad you’re tapping the world wide wrestling federation… gotta have that in workforce. makes sense to me. hulk’s look in your picture makes him appear a little distressed, like he might accidentally crush some delivery boxes… hope he doesn’t get fired during his two weeks. 🙂

    awww…malik is awesome! love that character!

    and yep, i’ll tell kate howdy for ya when she resurfaces. 😉 nice to “meet” ya and happy vol 3 coming out soon!

  4. tabbyrenelle says:

    hi again…

    will it be okay to reblog your comic sometimes? or should i just direct people to you? i’m newer (not too new but still learning) to the wordpress and don’t know how to reblog yet even… but if and when i do, i’d like to promote your work.

    • tabbyrenelle says:

      okie dokie nevermind that! 🙂 best of luck just the same.

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        Yeah, absolutely!!! If you think people will like it please do:)

      • tabbyrenelle says:

        If I think people will like it???? Aw, you’re so cute! Of course they already do!

        Thanks for the permission!

        When your vol three is ready I’ll reblog your announcement. That’ll be good. 🙂

  5. davidrichardsonhubbell says:

    I know quite a few people excited and waiting on issue 3 too. You just can’t draw fast enough for your fans can you? I miss my Asia Divine installments. Where is Asia Divine? Next month feels like a long wait my brother.

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      I got a bunch of Asia Divine in vol 3. I just kept those strips under wraps. Plus I figure people that haven’t read won’t get what’s going on so I figured I would keep the Divine strips hidden until the book comes out so everything makes sense. Sucks if you have Vol 1 and 2 already:P, Good news though she has a lot more dialog in the new book:)

      • davidrichardsonhubbell says:

        The suspense is killing me. I almost can’t believe you didn’t give us even one teaser. I guess Kate told me Asia was under wraps and I’m being pushy.

        So, okay but I still want my Asia Divine t-shirt. what’s up with that?

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        Alright…since you asked, I’ll post one up this week. As far as the shirts, I’m thinking I might do like 3 different designs and print up like 10 for each design. That’s the plan anyway.

      • davidrichardsonhubbell says:

        There is much applause happening at this moment. The suspense is killing many of us, which we admire, my broheim.

        I need some new shirts. So those sound good. The girls I know want some smaller sizes… and I’m supposed to not forget to mention that.

        Kate wanted me to tell you, “Portland, Oregon loves Workforce comics. I want to see shirts not suits walking everywhere.”

        which reminds me… when I should be focusing on work I’m googling how we are going to sign up to be zombies for George C. Romero’s new film… as he is going for a Guinness book record record for most zombies in a film. (he’s the son of the man who made the cult classic Night of the Living Dead) and we are mildly influenced by the TWD series filmed in Georgia and into keeping portland weird. So it’s not “politically forwarding” according to Kate “but it could be fun.”


  6. katherinejlegry says:

    Dang Mykel, guess I’ll start calling you mr. popular…

    you let me know if Dave and Tabby are camping on your ride and I’ll bark ’em off. 🙂


    • Mr. Perfect says:

      LOL, it’s cool, they’re helping me finish strong. I think Asia Divine is the real source of the popularity anyway:)

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