About Mr. Perfect

Graphic Designer/illustrator, Philosopher, and on a quest to defeat the enemy/The Ego/ (the inner-me).
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  1. katherinejlegry says:

    aw man, now my bro bro’s workforce endorsement is gonna be obsolete… price went up from $600 to $800??? DANG!

    This makes me feel proud and superior to people because I got rid of my evil tracking device I-phone.

    nicely done, Mykel. 🙂

  2. Mr. Perfect says:

    So uhhhhh I got these comics and I wondering what address to send you, Dave, and Tabby your comics too? (you guys get the free first copies….they turned out pretty good too). The shirts should be here next week sometime….or the week after.

    • katherinejlegry says:

      Hi Mykel, I’m just seeing this message. (Thanks for the free issues for us!) I also emailed you about a big group order this morning so check that out.

      I’ll deal with the shirt order when those become available. 🙂

      Yeay! Good job on your hard work getting the book done!!!

  3. Wyzedome says:

    Rotflmaoo…Exactly, Mr.Perfect!

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