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Graphic Designer/illustrator, Philosopher, and on a quest to defeat the enemy/The Ego/ (the inner-me).
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3 Responses to TRY THE NEW MCSKULL!

  1. Maybe this doesn’t matter, but I know you tweak the work for final product and was wondering if that is a typo in the last part where it says “to slang” the creepy meat… and do you mean “to sling” it? Of course could be the sound of the accent… and then to slang it sounds right.

    Not to be picky about the skull meat…. Yiiiiiikes! 🙂 This makes me glad I ate homemade falafil tonight.


    • Mr. Perfect says:

      Slang is a reference to selling drugs (lots of rappers use it…especially in the south). I wanted McSkulls and whatever drug of choice to go hand in hand. I have to throw jabs and uppercuts at the fast food industry whenever I get a chance to. And what’s Falafil? sounds good:)

      • Ahhh… okay, I googled it wondering if it was something like that but the omnipotent Suckerberg didn’t clue me in, so thanks for the insight!

        the sewage part of the fast food skullmeat goes hand in hand with the food deserts and lead drinking water in Flint Michigan being force-fed-served to the people to “cut costs” too, I thought.

        Um… Falafil is middle-easten… it’s a mixture of ground chickpeas, and then spices… you form it with some water into patties or balls and the fry ’em in olive oil… then they go with salads and slaws and chutneys and tahini or yogurt dressings usually with flat breads and yep, pretty yummy. I’ll send you a recipe. 🙂

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