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Graphic Designer/illustrator, Philosopher, and on a quest to defeat the enemy/The Ego/ (the inner-me).
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13 Responses to D’EVILS

  1. I don’t like Hillary BUT WHAT the HELL are you even talking about? Are you a christian now? You’re seriously limited to concepts about “good and evil” now? HUH?!!!

    And did you intend: “Reclocated” or did you mean “relocated”? Recollected? So um, typo distraction…

    poop on you.

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      I’m guessing you don’t like Hillary ushering in the Army of Darkness.

      • nope, but you seem pretty “christian” about it. And that defeats your light. I like Jesus, but “christ” was something people made up after the persecution.
        Evil is a “concept” and altho there are pockets of darkness it is “illness” and not to be confused with the”supernatural” and yes, nothing is within our “control” except for our own actions.
        Hillary is worth deconstructing but I’d do it right and go after what she’s really doing wrong and not go so genreal, using “evil” when in this day and age it’s soooooo prevelanet and thrown around. Needs more specificity.

        I think you’re usually better than this when going after the politicians.

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        It’s a inside joke….I got this speech from a wrestling promo. I thought it fit.

      • It does fit “wrestling” mentality YES. Good one.

      • I’ma go ahead an’close the door now. Luv and peace to you tho.

        we got nothing but Malcolm and not even him in common I guess. 😦

        But thanks for your time. And g=for humoring me when I was out of my mind… so I could wake up and get better. That mattered.

        Blessings to your work always. Peace.

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        If this is a pro-biblical strip…..there won’t be anymore Like this. PS: I only have about 10 pages left to complete.

      • well, even when the whole world is falling apart, there will be people who buy your comics…

      • to be clear, I (or rather my a.ka. Tabby whom I’m owning finally) un-followed you and I bumped you again. So you won’t get posts.

        not that you aren’t lovable.

        But good luck.

  2. Ok… I’m not really “back” but yes you are going pro Biblical… pro jesus at the expense of women. And it makes no sense to me. If you want to use him for a messenger that’s cool on a certain plane of existence but it’s also dangerous because you give them christians and inch and they take a mile. They can’t help it. AND Sorrowfully it is a white mans religion and the black community has been truly brainwashed and bound by a Jesus martyr no matter what progressive elements happened for them. The blues and Gospels can confuse things… they seem so meaningful.

    Anyhow… I unshackled my small hum bug self… and am going my own way because at least it doesn’t pander. I adore you always… and am of NO use.

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      The expense of women? I don’t see it that way. I didn’t like how anybody who dissed Obama around 08 been seen as a racist (or a sell-out if they were black). Predict Hillary to come in full force war hawk, corporate overlord. So I may edit the “Temptations of my administration” with “temptations of the corporation”. But hey, it’s just a dream sequence, maybe Mario goes to church?

      • Yeah… religion is always at the expense of women even when they rally for it. C’mon lolly. You know that truth… and me you’re talking to.

        And you KNOW that TRUTH. YOU DO. YOU DO. You just wanna mince words…’cuz you like being crafty.

        And you’re funny.

        Mario goes to church? The poor boy!!! man I need to get a hold of him… and help free his beautiful mind. 🙂

        But more important… YES you’re right that Hill is a war hawk so it’s worth the shot blast. She has no one’s interests at heart not even her own she’s so deluded with potential power and “title” but still if you screw her over I want more specificity and no “evil” branding. Good and evil are too easy and too general… when you have the goods. You get tighter and I can’t refuse you, you see?

        anyhow… you’re a sweetie for even allowing me into (onto?) your turf. I bow to your discretion.

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