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13 Responses to RISE OF THE CREEPS

  1. Complete unwarranted misplacement of fear. Sexual harassment at the real Apple Bee’s is real among managerial Cis men and the female waitresses in Portland. It isn’t the transgender people preying on people in restrooms.

    I love you Mykel, but this one means you’re just revisiting the unscientific Bigots. Current genetics and DNA are finding the brain is what dictates gender identity. The US military is currently recognizing thousands of transgender soldiers. They have to. If they kick them out, they will be depleting their able and ready troops. Transgender people are not a “current popular opinion” they have always existed under the stigma of a bigoted and ignorant society.

    Instead of deciding they are scary and wrong, you could simply “not know” and just be uncomfortable with your own feelings and fears.

    The strip functions well enough as what some people really think. But now what?

    We traumatize the transgender people? We “deprogram them” and “reprogram” them? We pretend they don’t exist? We laugh at them? Bully them?

    I was just reading how disgust is a companion characteristic of shame… so is shame a good way to relate to transgender people? Will that help them evolve? Become their authentic selves? Feel equal as humans?

    Can you tell I’m working extra hard on being calm and composed in my commenting? 🙂

    peace… (don’t fear the reaper)

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      This isn’t even about transgender people…it’s about men who say they identity as women just to have access to the women’s restroom.

      • It is too about Transgender people. Your fear of predator-“cis” men using the transgender people gaining human rights currently as the excuse to gain easy access to female victims is conservative religious meme being spread as a reason to keep Transgender people from using the bathroom and I’m surprised you are falling for it.
        Transgender people get raped and beaten and shot and killed and are subjected to shame and abandonment so their suicide rates are high…
        You are on a band wagon which will not protect women or Trans people.

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        I lived in Atlanta…Transgender men have been using the women’s restrooms for years and years…never a problem. Never heard once of a trangender man being beat up in the women’s restroom. This decree is about any man being able to enter the woman’s bathroom by saying they identify as a woman….they don’t have to be transitioning into anything, no surgery or anything. It’s crazy to me….but that’s just me I guess.

      • Well, you’re behind the times. The whole bathroom debate that has come up is a Transgender human rights issue. The backlash and anti-transgender people are using the argument that it will invite predator men into the restroom. For you to suggest that this strip is not even about trans people is you being in denial. I don’t know why you’d bother to do that.
        I am not talking about transgender men being beaten up in women’s bathrooms.
        It’s not crazy that some trans people do not want the invasive surgery. They got unlucky to be born into bodies they don’t identify with. How far they go into transition is no one’s business. You are still very bi-nary thinking in your understanding of what is gender.
        I appreciate you taking time to respond.

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        Why do you have to be anti-transgender to be against allowing men to come into the women’s restroom (based soley on what they say they identify as)?.

      • The fact of today is that the conservative religious backlash is saying and convincing you it will allow men into women’s bathrooms and that they will be using the Transgender people as an excuse to hurt women. It’s a fear-trap.
        If men want to hurt women they’ll do it in all manner of excuse and form. And they need to be prosecuted as sex offenders.
        Our laws, however, need to come up to speed and allow the transgender people into the bathrooms regardless of sex offenders. Transgender people should not be limited their freedoms or blamed for the problems caused by sex offenders. It’s the same as saying a girl got raped because she was dressed like a slut. It’s not true it’s what she wears. It’s not true Transgender people are making it easier to attack women. You’re essentially victim blaming and it is anti-transgender to block them access to the restrooms because of the possibility they might be lying. It’s like seeing all black men as thugs and blaming them for getting shot by the cops… well he might have been a criminal. Right? Or no, you don’t feel that is similar? I mean it’s not the greatest comparison, but there is a that same degree of fear and invention going on. Based on appearances. Stereotypes…

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        If a man goes into the women’s restroom and rapes her….footage of him going into the restroom wouldn’t be enough to convict since all he would have to claim is say he identifies as a woman. I guess the next step is cameras in restrooms.

      • Um…No… if a man goes into a bathroom and rapes a woman it doesn’t matter how he “identifies” and the fact that people don’t take rape seriously as a crime has nothing to do with your argument.
        So while you have been working out the bathroom debate and making things up…
        this is what is happening in my world and some other places (not a great title) but it’s relevant if we are speaking to rape:
        And I’m not fighting you. Thanks for hearing me out… and allowing me forum.

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        Watch the end result of all this be cameras in public restrooms. Mark my words.

      • Naw… They can’t film women going to the bathroom Mykel… or in dressing rooms or locker rooms. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Women aren’t going to allow that. Fear not.
        We aren’t protected by other kinds of being filmed and peeped at and f**ked with on line, but I don’t believe in your latest theory.
        love ya tho… 🙂

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        You heard Bernie Sanders just endorsed Hillary. That theory came true lol.

      • Yeah… but that one wasn’t a far fetched theory like what you’re pitching now. Bernie endorsed her for a price btw. It weren’t free. She has to get the minimum wage up to $15.00 and she’s gotta do affordable tuition and she has to address one other thing I’m forgetting that he bargained for, or else no go… so he at least had a tiny platform that was recognized and worked, when platforms do not usually have any weight at all. He pushed her to a more progressive view and away from a Bill Clinton establishment if only an inch. It’s more than anyone else fought for. And even though Trump is actively helping the Hill win and to destroy the republican party, he doesn’t care one way or the other and is an indicator species of what is wrong with greedy, egotistical, un-empathetic men who have very low self esteem and can only agitate people as a show of false power.
        but um…
        About your camera in bathrooms theory tho… everyone carries a camera phone now so there are already cameras in the women’s bathrooms technically.
        Nutty stuff fer sure. You hear about the latest pokemon phone ap that has people addicted and giving up all their privacy? I mean, wow people… really? okie dokie…bye bye
        luv 2 u

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