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Graphic Designer/illustrator, Philosopher, and on a quest to defeat the enemy/The Ego/ (the inner-me).
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3 Responses to JAZMINE TEA

  1. Dang. I’m like hell yeah, bring the tea pot and some blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup but not oatmeal (yucky oatmeal). But how ’bout bacon. Some flowers too, but not to eat.

    Just passin a joint is so give up on the day and “go back to sleep.” But I guess an easy girl who goes for the smoke suits a fella who don’t wanna make much of an effort. 🙂 Is that mean to say?

    I had a t-shirt custom made when I was 11 that said “I live to eat” and I’m a healthy girl who eat lots. Just sayin’.

    I like the art tho.

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      You know the funny is after smoking….you probably will want that big breakfast. (SN: my friend jazmine came up with this entire strip idea…The blunt being sexier part was my idea.)

      • Well, I just think any guy who bothers to bring breakfast in bed to make a lady happy should be appreciated… and women who don’t like eating aren’t too sexy. and even if it’s not her “thing” the guy who tries to do something nice and beautiful and energy giving and not just get off on intoxicated-love sounds pretty sweet. Not an everyday thing, but a speacial occasion… like totally if you haven’t seen your friend and are hosting her. say, hey baby you deserve this pampering even if The movies are stupid.

        She’ll like it even if she says she doesn’t need that. And okay smoke a blunt too. 🙂

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