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Graphic Designer/illustrator, Philosopher, and on a quest to defeat the enemy/The Ego/ (the inner-me).
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  1. did you know that in one of Trump’s speeches when running for Prez, he literally lifted lines from batman’s enemy Ra’s al Ghul? And his base ate it up. What does that say about comic books and their influence on shaping history? It’s Just like Science fiction novels! Uh oh robots…
    so Yikes!
    Interesting strip Mr. Perfect.

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      I always that he would make a cool Villain for the Bat lol.

      • Do You think Trump is “cool?” for reals?
        Like was Al Capone cool? What I like about Al Capone is that out of all the sh*t, including murder, is that he went to jail for evading taxes… It’s kinda all the feds were able to pin on him, right? The taxes!!! Al was a beyond a creep!
        So I’m hoping that Trump goes to Jail for at least evading taxes…
        he’s worse than Al and soooo Russian White supremacist Mafia/mob.
        I mean if Wesley Snipes has to go to the joint for not paying taxes, so should Trump. If Martha Stewart goes to the joint for lying, we gonna what??? allow Trump to break the law and pardon his own self? Trump’s thinking he’s gonna pardon Joe the racially profiling Sheriff and make a police state that will arrest any protesters of Trump and Humans Rights activists…
        So is Trump “cool” being the”Law and order” prez? He’s sooo into the massive incarceration system. He wants Jim Crowe back. He’s not a bank robber breaking yer system down… for you… he’s in with the banks. He’s surrounded by Goldman Sachs.
        I love yer comic Mykel…
        but life ain’t a comic book…
        there;sis nuthin’ cool about Trump..
        what would be cool is if you’d help the fight against him.

      • Mr. Perfect says:

        Wait…how did this become about Trump. When I say cool, I just mean interesting for the story….like Joker is an interesting Batman villain.

      • oh ok… i’ll grant you space on that…
        i s’pose i get what u mean…
        U know how i feel about Trump. It’s my knee-jerk reaction.
        i’m not saying to stop keep doing what U do.

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