About Mr. Perfect

Graphic Designer/illustrator, Philosopher, and on a quest to defeat the enemy/The Ego/ (the inner-me).
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7 Responses to IT (GOT’EM)

  1. tabbyrenelle says:

    I had no idea what yer strip was talking about and there was this among the “political” tags on WordPress…

    and I still don’t understand!!!!

    LOL! 🙂

  2. tabbyrenelle says:

    My Pal Steph said she hated clowns cuz of “it” and her ma read it (the novel by King)… and now I get it! That was like soooo long ago, but it being brought forward again, like all comic book stories and novels… I am still resistant. They never reached me.
    But I suppose if I didn’t clue into them then, how good am I catching up now? Most likely I’m behind. Oh well.
    Yer strip is odd to me but good… taps sumpin’

  3. tabbyrenelle says: check it out Mykel… I wasn’t wrong for associating Trump with yer work after all… LOL. and 😦 uh oh…

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