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3 Responses to PAPER JUMP SHOTS

  1. tabbyrenelle says:

    Please Help Princess Nokia help her motherland and the USA citizens of Puerto Rico:

    I don’t pay 2.99 for paper towels… maaaan Mario is being ripped OFF!!! I’m gonna send him sum.

    • Mr. Perfect says:

      He must’ve went to Target.

      • tabbyrenelle says:

        Um… I never seen ’em for that at Target! And I’m not a fan of Target…
        And I never seen towels for 2.99 one roll… unless they were at a 7-11 or a Plaid Pantry or some convenience store… hiked up! Not even the braggart Bounty roll…
        but maybe for folks in food deserts, they being robbed!!!! as per usual. ;(
        So, I’m sending Mario a six-roll-pack for Faaaaaar less!!!! When I get that package ready… Promise me U will get ’em to him. 🙂
        And support my love, Princess Nokia in Puerto Rico. She’s a sweeet Brujas.

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