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Michael Archie is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and the Creator of WorkForce Comics. An Atlanta native, he elected to attend Georgia Southern University where he earned a BFA in Graphic Design. In 2007, Archie began creating freelance artwork under his privately owned art company Perfect Man Designs. Chasing a childhood dream, Archie began developing a comic series in 2012. His dream came to fruition in 2014 when he Self-Published WorkForce Comics: Vol. 1. In short, WorkForce captures the daily grind of working a job you hate with a comical and often satirical tone. The comic draws inspiration from a combination of art and film. Creator, Michael Archie describes WorkForce as a blend of the popular comic series The Boondocks and Frank Miller’s: The Dark Knight Returns, as well as popular films like Friday, Office Space, and the Sci-Fi thriller They Live. Currently, he is working to release Vol. 4, due December 2016.


Contact me Here or at


21 Responses to Bio/ Contact Info

  1. How much would you charge to create a logo?

  2. BubbaMack says:

    You really did it bro. Always forward not backward.

  3. Mr. Perfect says:

    As far as the art goes….put out this comic before or after income tax time….then have enough art to actually have an art show this summer.

    • BubbaMack says:

      Keep me posted bro. I really how social media keeps the real people from building from one another. I’m already missing your posts on FB, but again understand. Again, Much respect Commandante.

  4. Mr. Perfect says:

    Aight Bet, and I’ll still post different celebs dropping jewels in quotes, but instead of pics I think I’ll just post sketches of them….

  5. Hello Mr. Perfect! Many thanks for dropping by and Liking my stuff. Much appreciated. Love your illustration of “Enter the Dragon”! Excellent. Thanks again. Best wishes to you and be well, Wolfie.

  6. nappyqueen says:

    Much love and check your email in a few brother.

  7. nappyqueen says:

    Away shit. It’s May.

  8. Mr. Perfect says:

    take your time, I’ll put it in the next one….I want to have like 2 or 3 pages of fan art…and right now you’re the only one down with it, but by the next one…I should have more people.

  9. Mr. Perfect I would like to buy your artwork. I’m very impressed. the nappyqueen speaks highly of you. i would like to discuss further. please shoot me an email ASAP so we can discuss further.

  10. Please contact. Please. Please. Please!!!!!!!

  11. Wyzedome says:

    Greetings Kindred! Loving Your Site….

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